Need to use it fast ? – Choose a Powder Coating

When wet painting or spraying there is always the long wait afterward waiting for it to dry or the equipment that is being wet painted cannot be out of action for a long time, this course of treatment is simply not the one for you. When powder coating an object, you do not need to worry about any of that. It cures quickly and then the object is able to be used straight away. With an outstanding finish and is resistant to all weather mother nature can throw at it what more could you want. Available in fluorescent, metallic, pearl and sparkly effect you will be spoilt for choice. Antibacterial coatings are also available for medical uses.


Powder can be cured at temperatures ranging from 170c to 220c making finishes very durable and can protect against sun, rain, snow & salt e.t.c. if applied with expertly prepared surfaces using the latest pre-treatments. 

Ranges in colours and finishes are endless, a few varieties’ are: 


• BS and RAL in most sheens, matt, satin, and gloss. 

• Textures – fine textures. Leatherette, Mudcrack and Hammer finishes available in most colours. 

• Fluorescents - yellow, orange, green & pink. 

• Metallic and special effects. 

• Pearls and sparkle effects to name a few. 

• Anti-bacterial powders used in hospitals and care homes e.t.c. 


How is Powder Applied? 


Powder Coating  is applied using electrostatic process. As the powder is charged and using the latest Nordson guns, air is used to transfer the charged powder to the pre-treatment component with expert precision, making sure corners, edges and inside boxes are all coated uniformly. The products are then ‘baked’ in our large on line oven so a uniform film is achieved ensuring no 'hot spots' occur which would produce uneven colour. 


Using our wealth of experience with different powder providers, we choose the right powder for each product. 


Knowing a powder's limitations as well as its benefits is one of the reasons Impact Coatings is so successful. 


Impact Coatings have the ability to coat anything from one off items to much larger projects like complete shop fits. Please see our Gallery section for some examples of our work. 


For more information on our powder coating service, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can either give us a call on 01206 866880 or you can use the form on our contact us page. We are here to help!


Case Study - WWF Head Office

Woking, Surrey - Cowlings These cowls (see image below) were fabricated and then powdercoated in a zinc rich epoxy primer , then powdercoated in Ral 9006 matt polyester finish . A very prestige job for us as client was WWF head office in Woking Surrey .

Case Study - WWF Head Office

Woking, Surrey - Wind Catchers These wind catchers (image below) are fabricated in aluminium panels, we acid etch primed each panel, then we used a high grade polyester powdercoat Ral 9006 matt finish .

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