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Hydrographics is the application of a patterned design being applied to a three dimensional object. It is also known as ‘water transfer printing’ as the pattern is laid on top of the water’s surface and then the object is passed through it. This gives a seamless finish on all objects, always achieving amazing results. This type of coating can be put on metals, glass, plastics and even types of wood!


The hydrographic process has become extremely popular in recent years but has been around since 1982. The water transfer printing process is used to decorate countless three-dimensional items. These range from entire vehicles in large hydrographic tanks, to small items such as bike helmets, alloy wheels or other automotive trim. Films can be applied to numerous types of material including, plastic, fibreglass, wood, ceramics and metal. In essence, if the item can be dipped in water, and can be painted, using traditional techniques, then the hydrographic printing process can be used


In the process, the item to be printed first goes through the entire painting process. After painting but before clear coating, the part is ready for hydrographic application. A polyvinyl hydrographic film, which has been printed with the graphic image to be transferred is carefully placed on the water's surface in the dipping tank. The clear film is water soluble, and dissolves after applying an activator solution. The item is then dipped and the pattern / design applies perfectly to the three dimensional object. 

Anything can be hydrographically dipped, from motorbike petrol tanks to helmets, and of course alloy car wheels. We are experts in this process and have 100s of  ready made designs for you to choose from. 



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