Colchester/Ipswich Children's Ward

Impact Coatings are committed to supporting the excellent work carried out by the Colchester and Ipswich Hospitals Charity. Throughout 2019 we will be raising money for new equipment for the children's wards for both Colchester and Ipswich Hospitals. If you would like some more information on their fantastic work, please click here.

Expansion is key! 

Our company has expanded further than we could have imagined since it was established in a small warehouse in 2002. From then on, we have gone from strength to strength and our team are offering more services than ever before. One of our most sought after services is adding Kolorbond to a vast variety of conservatories, doors and windows. Fancy having on trend grey window frames? Kolorbond can change the colour of frames at a fraction of the cost. We also pride ourselves on our coating applications; we always ensure all projects go above and beyond the expectations of the customers so they are happy with the finished outcome.


Preparation is key! 

Preparing a client’s object before we add their choice of coating is the key to getting the perfect smooth and shiny finish. For the larger objects we shot, or bead blast them. This is because it removes any existing paint or rust that has built up over time, this is in addition to treating the object with environmentally friendly Zirconium Phosphate. For the more delicate objects we handle we use an acid pickle process which isn’t has harsh as shot or bead blasting meaning it is suitable for all materials and objects.


Not sure on the colour to choose? 

Making sure you choose the right colour to coat your object is a common worry that out staff come across when completing a vast range of jobs. This is why we offer samples for all of our available colours, so you are able to take them away to ensure you pick the right one. We have over 150 different colours that our customers can choose from and all choices can be applied to many types of surfaces including woods, plastics, and metals! We will have your object looking brand new in no time at all.


A quicker alternative to wet painting 

Do you need a quicker alternative to wet painting? Our team know very well that some don't simply have the time to wait for the wet paint to dry, especially if the object is a piece of much used equipment. That is why our team offer 'Powder Coatings' instead. These give the same glossy finish, are extremely resistant to any weather conditions, but at half the time. This type of coating can be applied to nearly all objects and pieces of equipment that you have. What's not to like? Take a look at our @Powder Coatings' page for more information.


Are your gates looking worse for wear? 

As we all know the British weather can be very unpredictable and our gates and railings have to battle with all types of weather. Over the winter your gates may have deteriorated and are now looking like they have seen better days. To restore them back to their former glory our team can carry out a simple treatment process to leave them looking as good as new. We shot blast the gate, treat it with zinc, add a powder coat and the job is done, it really is that simple.


Not sure on what coating is the right one? 

Wood coating can be applied to a vast number of objects to give them a cleaner finish or to make them last longer. For boat and car interiors we offer a polyester base coating as it makes the wood durable even after lots of wear and tear. We also offer water or oil-based polyurethane coating; the water-based choice is for objects that are usually kept inside, and the oil based for ones that have to bear the brunt of what mother nature throws at it. The oil option is additionally heat resistant and much more durable than the water based one.


Wheels need love too! 

Are you tired of trying to scrub your wheels to get a better finish only for them to look exactly the same a week later? Did you know that powder coating your wheels will bring them back to their former glory? The process is actually very straight forward and will be completed in no time; the wheel is firstly stripped and then shot blasted to its original surface, the powder coating is then added in any colour of your choice. This process can be carried out on motorbike to much larger tractor wheels and anything in between.


What is Hydrographics? 

Using hydrographics to coat your object is the best process when the object in question is not very flexible. The process is simple as it involves putting the object through a film of ink that lies on the surface of some water, but any variation and it will not coat flat. Many objects, even 3D ones can be coated; we add hydro-graphics to many objects, such as bike helmets, alloy wheels and car parts. Our team are also able to coat ceramics, plastic, wood and metal objects. This process always leaves a shiny, high-quality finish leaving the object looking brand new.


Why choose Wet Spraying? 

- Wet spraying an object can be a very good alternative to powder coating when the object cannot be heated. This particular coating can be applied to brass, steel, zinc or copper plating always leaving a lovely finish. As well as being very durable it comes in a wider range of colours than powder coating and here at Impact Coatings, we have so many colours for you to choose from. When choosing to wet spray your object the finished outcome will never disappoint.


Getting the right pre-treatment for you! 

- Having the correct pre-treatment applied to your object before it is coated makes the world of difference when it comes to the overall finish. With countless years in the trade our team always know the right one for you. Whether the object is made from copper, aluminium, timber or brass this vital layer can be applied to each and every one of them. After all nothing less than perfect is what all of our customers receive when they take away the finished product!


Not able to get to us? Not to worry! 

- Here at Impact Coatings our team know that not everyone has the means to be able to transport an object to our premises. This is why we have invested in equipment that allows us to come to you. As part of our 100% customer satisfaction that we thrive to achieve in all jobs we carry out, each is completed to the highest standard, never leaving any mess behind. Our team has numerous years of experience under their belts so when choosing us you are always getting the very best.


Do you know the benefits of Glass Coatings? 

- Did you know that glass coatings are water resistant, are extremely durable and are easy to clean? Many do not know that glass coatings are very effective if done properly; they leave a smooth glossy finish and being scratch resistant it makes the object look brand new every time. To ensure the right coating is added we supply both water and solvent glass coatings, each coming in various colours for you to choose from. With our highly experienced team the possibilities are endless.


Have you tried Plastic Coating? 

- Do you know the benefits of adding plastic coatings to an object. Not only are they very long lasting and have anti- corrosion properties, the coating is extremely versatile so can be added to the most complicated of objects; always leaving a high-quality finish. The process itself is quick and easy; first the object is dipped into Thermoplastic powders and left to dry, then the plastic coatings is added and that’s the job done. For more information please take a look round our website or call us on 01206 866880.


Add a splash of colour to your windows 

- Did you know that uPVC windows or doors can be painted in Kolorbond paint? So now you can get rid of the boring white frame and make your house stand out from the rest. The paint is weather resistant so will not wear in the highly unpredictable British weather. Our team have a wide range of colours for you to choose from so there will always be one perfect for you. However, if you are unsure on what colour to choose please feel free to email our team a picture of the windows or doors in question and we will send you images back with a variety of colours on them ensuring you get the right one for you.



Want to see what we do? 

- Here at Impact Coatings our team’s number one priority is that each and every project is completed beyond the expectations of our customers. We pride ourselves on finishing all projects to a very high quality, never leaving you disappointed. To give an idea to our potential customers of the work we carry out and the objects we are able to spray, coat or add hydrographics to, we have added a ‘Gallery’ page to our website; this way we can show you a glimpse of the work we have previously completed. Please do not hesitate in calling us on 01206 866880 where our staff will be happy to answer any questions.








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