Colchester/Ipswich Children's Ward

Impact Coatings are committed to supporting the excellent work carried out by the Colchester and Ipswich Hospitals Charity. Throughout 2019 we will be raising money for new equipment for the children's wards for both Colchester and Ipswich Hospitals. If you would like some more information on their fantastic work, please click here.

Do you know the benefits of Glass Coatings? 

- Did you know that glass coatings are water resistant, are extremely durable and are easy to clean? Many do not know that glass coatings are very effective if done properly; they leave a smooth glossy finish and being scratch resistant it makes the object look brand new every time. To ensure the right coating is added we supply both water and solvent glass coatings, each coming in various colours for you to choose from. With our highly experienced team the possibilities are endless.


Have you tried Plastic Coating? 

- Do you know the benefits of adding plastic coatings to an object. Not only are they very long lasting and have anti- corrosion properties, the coating is extremely versatile so can be added to the most complicated of objects; always leaving a high-quality finish. The process itself is quick and easy; first the object is dipped into Thermoplastic powders and left to dry, then the plastic coatings is added and that’s the job done. For more information please take a look round our website or call us on 01206 866880.


Add a splash of colour to your windows 

- Did you know that uPVC windows or doors can be painted in Kolorbond paint? So now you can get rid of the boring white frame and make your house stand out from the rest. The paint is weather resistant so will not wear in the highly unpredictable British weather. Our team have a wide range of colours for you to choose from so there will always be one perfect for you. However, if you are unsure on what colour to choose please feel free to email our team a picture of the windows or doors in question and we will send you images back with a variety of colours on them ensuring you get the right one for you.



Want to see what we do? 

- Here at Impact Coatings our team’s number one priority is that each and every project is completed beyond the expectations of our customers. We pride ourselves on finishing all projects to a very high quality, never leaving you disappointed. To give an idea to our potential customers of the work we carry out and the objects we are able to spray, coat or add hydrographics to, we have added a ‘Gallery’ page to our website; this way we can show you a glimpse of the work we have previously completed. Please do not hesitate in calling us on 01206 866880 where our staff will be happy to answer any questions.



We have grown over the years 

- After the establishment of our company in 2002 we never expected it to grow as quickly as it has. Our services now range far and wide from wet and powder coating any object you can think of to refurbishing valuable items and everything in between. All jobs are completed to the highest standard possible leaving all customers 100% satisfied. Our team are now also qualified to apply Kolorbond to all doors, conservatories and uPVC windows. If you are interested in any of our services, then get in contact today.


Everything is in the Preparation!

Before adding a client’s choice of coating to an object our team have to remove any old paint or rust by bead or shot blasting it. This ensures you receive smooth high-quality finish once the job is complete; we use environmentally friendly Zirconium Phosphate as well as bead or shot blasting. For small or delicate items, we use an acid pickle process as a form of pre-treatment. Give our team a call today on 01206 866880 where they will be on hand to help.



What is your favourite colour?

With over 150 colours to choose from here at Impact Coatings ranging from pastel blues to vibrant reds and everything in between; you will most definitely be spoilt for choice. Not knowing what colour would best suit your desired object is a common question asked to our team, but do not worry our team can help advise you. The chosen colour can then be painted onto many metals, plastic and even wood. We offer samples of all colours to make sure you pick the right one for you.


Painting from the Professionals 

Wet painting or spraying an object can take time which in some cases people simply don’t have. Our team can offer a quicker alternative which gives the same amazing results every time. Powder coatings cure much quicker so the product can almost be used straight away. With extremely good resistance to all types of weathering what more could you ask for? To see finished powder coated products take a look at our gallery pages and if you have any questions then please call our team today.


Beautiful gates and railing whatever the weather! 

With the British weather changing all the time gates and railing coatings are put through the test daily, resulting in them looking run down very quickly. This is where our highly qualified team step in to restore any gates or railings you may have, making them look better than ever before. They will firstly shot-blast the gate leaving behind the bear metal, treat it with zinc, then powder coat it, leaving it looking brand new. If you have any question or queries, then please do not hesitate in giving our staff a call today where they will be on hand to help you. Take a look at our Gallery page for examples of our work.



Wood Coatings 

Here at Impact Coatings our team can coat numerous types of wood with multiple types of coatings. We offer polyurethane coating which can be oil or water based. The water-based option is best used on wood which does not have to be exposed to mother nature; whereas the oil-based option is far more durable and also heat resistant. Our polyester base coating is best suited for boat and car interiors to give you the best finish possible. For more information take a look at our ‘Wood Coatings’ page or give our team a call and they will be on hand to help.



Happy New Year 

From our team here at Impact Coatings we would like to wish each and every one of our customers a Happy New Year. As always, our team will be on hand to help you with whatever 2019 has to offer; whether that be wet or powder coating any number of commercial or domestic products. Each job will be carried out to the highest standard, always leaving our customers 100% satisfied once the job has been completed.



Wheels need love too! 

Are your car wheels looking a bit worse for wear? Are they at the point where no amount of cleaning can bring them back to their former glory? Our highly qualified team here at Impact Coatings specialise in powder coating anything from motorbike to tractor wheels. The wheels are firstly stripped, shot blasted by hand back to their original surface all in preparation before adding the coatings of your choice. We stock anything from bright colours to metallics to match the rest of the vehicle. If you have any questions or queries, then please call our team today where they will be on hand to help you. 


We design and print too! 

Our team here at Impact Coatings are experts when it comes to Hydrographics. This process seems confusing to many but put into simple terms it is the procedure by which a semi-rigid or rigid object is put through a film of ink which is floating on the water’s surface. Our team can carry out this process on most surfaces from wood and ceramics to plastic and metal. Three-dimensional objects that can be coated such as alloy wheels, bike helmets, cars plus many more. If you are interested or have any questions, then please contact our staff today, where they will be on hand to help you. We have so many designs and finishes you will be spoilt for choice.


Wet Spraying Options 

Here at Impact Coatings there is no job too big nor to small that our dedicated staff will not complete to an exceptional standard. Our team are able to wet spray nearly all types of zinc, steel, brass or aluminium copper plating. Wet spraying an object gives an attractive finish, is very durable and offers long term protection against wear and tear. Our paint suppliers have been specially chosen for their colour ranges, so no matter what colour you need we can create it for you. So, if you are interested in our wet spraying services then please give a member of our team today and they will be happy to help.




Pre-treatment is the secret! 

Our team here at Impact Coatings have plenty of years of experience to know that it is essential that you get the right pre-treatment on any surface. It is vital that pre-treatments are used to get the flawless finish on a surface that we all want. It doesn’t matter if the surface is steel, copper, timber, brass or aluminium we are able to apply pre-treatment to them all. So, if you want the perfect finish then please call our team today and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


We Do Onsite Coatings too! 

Our experienced team here at Impact Coatings know that not all customers are able to bring their items to our site in order for them to be powdered or wet coated. What may seem like a big problem can easily be erased as our team can simply come to you. The job as always will be completed to the very highest standard- and no mess will be left behind by our team. So please do not hesitate and call our team for more information.





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