Can’t move it ? - On-site coatings is the answer!

We find many customers have large immovable items and structures that cannot be brought to our workshop so require on-site painting or spraying. This could be parts of buildings, gates, railings, internal fixtures or fittings such as work surface, doors, staircases, the list is endless. Our team have even sprayed an electricity sub-station! 


If our competitors say the job can’t be done then we will prove them wrong! Our team can work at any location if the object cannot be easily moved. We also offer on-site spraying or painting; if the object needs pre-treating before work can start then that isn’t a problem, we finish all projects to the customers satisfaction, there is no job too big or to small for our team. 


For more information on our on site coatings service, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can either give us a call on 01206 866880 or you can use the form on our contact us page. We are here to help!



Impact Coatings have recently completed an on-site coatings project of a propeller, painted in gold and black for MSC head office, Ipswich.

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