steel fabrication

We now not only have customers in Suffolk and Essex but even further afield including London and Hertfordshire. Word really is getting around about the high-quality services we have to offer. One of which being fabricating steel products; anything from racking and gates to staircases and railings, our team can do it all.

To ensure each individual customers need is met whilst making sure they receive the highest quality product, we use the latest technology alongside our machinery, so this is achieved. At our facility in Eastgates our team work to industry standards and follow the most detailed of specifications to guarantee everything is perfect.

Steel fabrication involves creating steel components through the process of laser cutting, bending, shot blasting, welding and coating, that are then assembled and joined to form a complete structure. Initially the steel sections are blasted with shot to provide a clean surface ready for welding and coating, before they are cut to size and shaped using bending and rolling techniques. The sections are then welded to attach fixtures and fittings and to prepare the joints and connections for on site installation. Finally the structure is colour coated, to give an outstanding finish as well as protecting the steel from corrosion and fire.

Here at Impact Coating we use two main methods of producing high-quality items; CAD (computer aided design) an CAM (computer aided machinery). These allow us to ensure that everything is measured with accuracy and made to measure for your object. Our team will guide you through the entirety of the project, from any initial designs right through to completion, this means we are able to meet all standards set by you.

For more information on our steel fabrication services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can either give us a call on 01206 866880 or you can complete the form on our contact page. We are here to help!


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