Wet Spraying

Our facility at Eastgates can handle a variety of components up to 13 metres long, 3.5 metres high, and 3.5 metres wide in our spray booth which can heat up to 80c for extra quick drying times, for most types of wet paint. 


Our possible colour ranges are endless, from BS4800, BS381C, RAL, Pantone and NCS which can be produced by our suppliers in the form of wet spray. We have chosen our suppliers for their extensive knowledge in paint types. 


We can spray most types of steel, aluminium, copper, brass and zinc plating etc, using standard, quick air dry paint, epoxy finishes, 2pk polyurethanes, water based epoxys and acrylic can all be sprayed using airmix, graco pumps. 


Think your job might be too big for us? The following image shows 2 ventilation silencers for use in the off shore industry. They are made from mild steel weighing 1.5 tonnes each.


Painting will include 3 coats of paint to reach 323 microns and painted with JOTUN paint. This silencer is for the offshore industry. At Impact Coatings we can wet spray just about anything we are asked to paint, to the highest specification. So, no matter what the object or size, please give us a call to see how we can help you.






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